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Girlfriends (Full Version)

Title: Girlfriends (Full Version)

Length: 45 Minutes

Price: $45.99 USD

Description: This is the full version of DR-8 ‘Girlfriends’ starring Amber Michaels and Cassandra Knight. Very hot girl-on-girl action... toe-sucking, pussy licking. If you're into watching girls getting each other off AND seeing their feet at the same time - prepare yourself for some hot action! Lots and lots of foot-worship, licking, and sucking! Cassandra starts off by giving Amber a light innocent foot massage... this eventually leads to some toe- sucking. She finally gets to Amber's pristine little pussy - she licks it, rubs it, and using her talented toes, Cassandra gives Amber a female foot-job! Amber's orgasms are heart-stopping! Amber returns the favor and also brings Cassandra to a couple explosive orgasms - while getting herself off at the same time using a hot-pink vibrator! Contains explicit nudity and penetration. In high quality m4v format.

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