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Fancy Feet (Full Version)

Title: Fancy Feet (Full Version)

Length: 52 Minutes

Price: $50.99 USD

Description: This is the full version of DS-49 ‘Fancy Feet’ Lorissa LeBlanc. Lorissa shows off her flexible feet wearing different types of barefoot sandals. With the DFP staff being mostly barefoot-lovers, this is one type of footwear that the our crew will actually endorse... barefoot with the look of sandals! Lorissa does an outstanding job posing her freshly pedicured toes wearing barefoot sandals with various colored beads: turquoise, ruby, pink, and also a multi-colored version. To add to the allure of this show, we also added shots of Lorissa posing her feet on top of an oval mirror capturing every nuance of her high-arches, round heels, and flexible soles! Lorissa ends the show by using her bare toes to mix a combination of red and blue paint - she poses her painted soles and finally makes footprints on a small white board (her petite size 5 soles make some very cute footprints!). In high quality m4v format.

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