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DS-45 Crank It Up, Rev It Out (Full)

Title: DS-45 Crank It Up, Rev It Out (Full)

Length: 40 Minutes

Price: $40.99 USD

Description: Lacy Summers and Talea Romero star in this combination of two separate videos, 'Lacy Floods Her Ride' and 'The P/T Cruiser Abuser'.. PART 1: - ‘LACY FLOODS HER RIDE’… Lacy's bright hot-yellow GM truck won't start. Wearing lace-up heels and tan pantyhose, Lacy pumps the gas pedal and cranks the engine - but the truck just will not turn over. She takes a break from all that cranking, takes off her shoes, smokes a cigarette, and sensuously poses her feet - on the carpet, the dashboard, the gear lever, and steering wheel. Lacy continues her futile attempts to start her stubborn ride using her high-arched, nylon-clad feet. PART 2: - ‘THE P/T CRUISER ABUSER’… Talea Romero thinks the P/T Cruiser is one of the most ugly and pathetic vehicles on the road! In this INTERACTIVE video, Talea completely abuses a BRAND-NEW, teal colored, P/T Cruiser. She cranked & cranked the engine to the point that the battery got weak, and the starter overheated. The starter was so hot that it actually melted some of the wiring! Lots of revving for even more abuse! Talea pumps the gas pedal wearing boots, white socks, black mules, and in her bare-feet. In high quality MOV format.

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