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Double Feeture Part 1 (12 Minutes)

Title: Double Feeture Part 1 (12 Minutes)

Length: 12 Minutes

Price: $12.99 USD

Description: HIGH ARCHED Brianna Powers! This is Part 1 of 8 clips from the video DS-72 Double Feeture. Here's a description of what you'll find in these clips - We proudly present Brianna Powers and Francesca Ferucci. These two uncover their beautiful peds comparing and contrasting Francesca's 'normal' arches to Brianna's extremely high arches for your viewing pleasure! If your temperature rises from the beauty of the female arch, our vixen, Brianna will make you sweat! Her curvy naked soles are wonderfully arched and flexible. High-arched, soft, beautiful feet - plain and simple! AMAZING ARCHES. While brunette hunny, Francesca does not have extremely high arches that we all yearn for, her feet are soft and supple, and you'll surely love her cute toes.

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