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Pedal Pump Panic (Full Video)

Title: Pedal Pump Panic (Full Video)

Length: 42 Minutes

Price: $42.99 USD

Description: DS-33 Pedal Pump Panic starring Mila Donavan, Kelly Daniels, Mick James. Three-chapter PEDAL PUMP video. Mila Donavan is LATE FOR A DATE and when she attempts to start her Mustang it won't turn-over! Barefoot and sandaled pedal pump. Then in THE ANNOYING MECHANIC Mick James gets his enjoyment watching beautiful women work the gas pedal of their vehicles. Mick works on Mila's new GMC truck and decides to sabotage her evening by making her car engine inoperable. Mick positions himself to get an up close and personal view of Mila's high-arched peds while she busily pumps the pedals desperately trying to her truck started. Kelly Daniels arrives and also makes an attempt to start the truck. Finally, we have some behind-the scenes footage --- At the end of this shoot Kelly Daniels' car really wouldn't start. We quickly grabbed one of our backup video camera and got the footage on tape for you! Cool unexpected pedal pump action!

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