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Too Sexy For Her Shoes (Full Video)

Title: Too Sexy For Her Shoes (Full Video)

Length: 57.5 Minutes

Price: $58.49 USD

Description: This is the full video of DS-68 ‘Too Sexy For Her Shoes’ starring Alicia Gianni. This video starts in the dressing room, where Sicilian-beauty, Alicia Gianni is receiving quick pedicure from Mila. Next, spectacular dangling as Alicia swings her sandal-clad feet back and forth displaying her delicious toes, and extraordinary arches accentuated against the flat bed of her sandals. As the title implies, those sandals had to go! We Love HIGH-ARCHES!... and the sight of Alicia’s bare feet and extreme arches was such an overload, we actually had to stop several times to take breaks (and recompose ourselves!) during this shoot. Alicia is a foot-lover’s dream girl - soft succulent, curvaceous soles, and perfectly proportioned cascading toes - and an arch that can be seen clearly from the inner and outer part of her feet. We incorporated all the shots her fans have requested in letters and emails: dangling, close-ups of all parts of her feet, lots of sole/face shots, intense arching, tip-toe shots from the front and back, foot jewelry and more! Alicia is a rare find - pure innocence with a true passion for turning guys on with her feet!

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