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All Clips on this site are in the .wmv format.
Each is offered to you for my standard clip rate of $1.00 USD per minute.

Double The Massage

7 minutes

Price: $10.00 USD

Twice the feet, twice the massage. Sweet and sensual... sole to sole!

Tight Toe Clamping

11:35 minutes

Price: $12.00 USD

Sitting in blue jeans with my legs stretched across a kitchen chair I give you a run for your money in lasting without touching your junk while watching my sexy toes and soles tightly clamp and hold. You are in complete trouble if this is your weak spot because I bet you your entire yearly salary that I can hold this pose longer than you could ever dream to last... EVER. I dare you. Buy the clip today and see if you can pass the test.

Toe Cracking Compilation I

11:56 minutes

Price: $12.00 USD

This clip took a little bit to make due to the fact I had to remember to actually get the daily knuckle cracking on video. Once I had enough short Clips I mashed them all together for this sweet compilation. You get toe knuckle cracking from various times throughout my day. Morning time, lunch time and after a long day of running around in my kicks. I make sure the popping noises are nice and clear. Mine are always loud. You will always get weak while watching.

Toe Cracking Compilation II

4:25 minutes

Price: $5.00 USD

My cracking toes are quite popular among my fans and I felt it was long overdue that I put up another one! Here is the second of many toe cracking compilations. My toenails are alternating blue and purple and my soles and toes are looking and sounding mighty fine!

Nude, White, Black: Nylons

13:11 minutes

Price: $14.00 USD

This clip starts with my bare legs in a long white skirt and rapidly changes scenes. First nude thigh highs, then white and finally black. The white ones have a special treat of their own... they are RIPPED from my legs. Any foot lover who gets his rocks off from watching a woman put on and take off her nylons will be head over heels for this clip!

Mint Pin-Up Scuffing

4:38 minutes

Price: $5.00 USD

I took to the pavement with vigor in my mint pin-up pumps and I am 100% sure you will fall in love. mesmerized by the sounds my sexy heels are making. I include a little shoe tease by slipping my foot in and out a few times. Listen closely...

Royal Scuffing

3:27 minutes

Price: $4.00 USD

Standing and Scuffing in what I call my

Soft Sunny Soles and Toes

3:23 minutes

Price: $4.00 USD

Off come the flip flops, Up go the soles, Out comes the wrinkles and POP goes your little weasel. This tease is sure to please... basic, sunny and just enough to curl your toes! I wiggle my toes, stretch and wrinkle my soles and get really really close. Just imagine...

Slowly Erotic Tabletop Tease

3:44 minutes

Price: $4.00 USD

Watch as my feet creep up ever so slightly over the the edge of the table and then to full view. Not once, will you be able to take your eyes off of my perfect and sexy feet. The sole wrinkles will captivate you and the way I glide my slender fingertips all over them will send you over the moon!

Toe Taps and Pedal Pumps

2:01 minutes

Price: $2.00 USD

This video is made up of tight angles and an up close view of my feet pumping and playing on the brake and gas pedal in my car. Listen as I rev the engine and toy with your pedal fetish!

Doing You...No Favors!

12:06 minutes

Price: $12.00 USD

Here we are with my latest clip made just before I stripped off my orange polish! I was told by my toe pointing slut that he thinks his dick is the size of a

Pointing Up Close

8:43 minutes

Price: $9.00 USD

This clip is 9 minutes of orange Halloween toenail polish, more of my SUPER TIGHT toe points, HARD curls and really up close shots of my wrinkly soles and arches!

Perfect Points

11:36 minutes

Price: $12.00 USD

This clip is 11 minutes of TIGHT toe points, HARD curls and plenty of wrinkles...all with NAKED TOES!

Pinky Toe Play: Part II


Price: $16.00 USD

Again I laid down and crossed my feet while I did some crossword puzzles. All the while I played with my toes, pulling on my pinky toes the most here, as requested! Red toenails and plenty of soft toes and sole will totally get your boxers in a wad!

I Hate Trash

15:46 minutes

Price: $16.00 USD

I am constantly getting requests for some very different material than most I think are used to. This request came via email through my clip store. The gentleman wished to see me demolish trash and boxes under my power feet in three different pairs of my wedges. You will see here my wooden platform sandals, my Soda wicker wedges and finally my blue Paris Hilton wedges. I simply hate trash and this is how I show it! BE GREEN!!

That Floral Essence

9:50 minutes

Price: $10.00 USD

What would it be like to send me flowers to enjoy? Check out this clip and find out! After letting them grace a vase in my home for a few days I would then take them outside and teach them and YOU a lesson! As I show you, I take them under my powerful feet and destroy them to bits ...nearly to nothing! Mix in a little bit of dirty soles and toes and you have this amazingly erotic crush clip!

The Flip Flops vs. The Grapes

5:20 minutes

Price: $6.00 USD

My sexy size 6.5 feet showed these grapes just who is really the boss around here! Black flip flops adorn my feet as I pummel and crush both green and red grapes ...yummy! Watch as their juices run out of their helpless little bodies. Wouldn't you give anything to be a grape right about now?

Tappin' That Glass

7:34 minutes

Price: $8.00 USD

Upon request I painted my toenails red, put lotion and a ton of silver toe rings on my sexy toes and tapped my feet on the windshield of a work truck to some rock music! Plenty of up close shots of the tapping and a bird's eye view of my soles and toe bottoms through glass. Watch my feet tap and dance today!

Spaghetti: Round Two (Bare Feet)

5:03 minutes

Price: $5.00 USD

This clip features round two of the Spaghetti stomping. This time I pulverized another huge amount of wet and slimy, cooked pasta with red sauce. As mouth watering as my offer may seem to you (to personally reach your tongue out and clean my soles) I am after all, stepping in food on my kitchen floor! Yet honestly, would that really stop you? Come on, have a little taste!

Spaghetti: Round One (Flip Flops)

3:59 minutes

Price: $4.00 USD

This clip features round one of the Spaghetti stomping. I smashed a large amount of slimy cooked pasta and red sauce under my powerful black flip flops and beautifully painted toenails. I go from smashing the flaccid little noodles to finally demanding the viewer lick every single spot on each of my feet. Warning the whole time that you not miss one spot! Watch as I take the time to even go a step further and actually enjoy scooping the mess onto one of my shoes and putting it back on to play! Enjoy!

Crack & Pop: White Ankle Socks

3:49 minutes

Price: $4.00 USD

Upon request I slipped off my sneakers and put up my feet for some good old toe cracking and stretching. The viewer wanted to see my sexy little feet in white socks. Watch as I bend, stretch and flex my toes until they pop, snap and crunch over and over again. Finally, I reached in to get the last couple of cracks out with my fingers. Expect to see a longer and bare foot version of this clip soon!

Grapes Schmapes

13:33 minutes

Price: $14.00 USD

I was recently asked to complete a new grape crushing clip and so with my gun metal gray toenail polish I took to a bunch of grapes like they had a death wish! They were demolished under my powerful soles and toes and even my heels shared in the fun!


7:09 minutes

Price: $8.00 USD

Do you like to sit and watch a woman play with her shoes and dangle them ever so slightly in front of you? If so, you will want this clip! Watch as you get two different views on my legs and feet while i dazzle you with my dangling skills!

Behind My Heels

9:56 minutes

Price: $10.00 USD

Imagine you are laying on the ground just daydreaming at my feet! Watch as I play with my heels and reposition my feet to be comfy. Plenty of soles included in this clip!

POV Foot Job: Episode I

7:29 minutes

Price: $8.00 USD

Mommie was contacted via email with a clip request. In this clip the viewer wished to see a foot job from the female POV. Mommie used her toes, soles, arches (made into a foot pussy), heels and even the tops of her feet to massage and


2:28 minutes

Price: $3.00 USD

Mommie's bare feet crush this poor little piece of bubblewrap! She shows no mercy and makes sure she gets each and every bubble on the sheet. First she slowly steps with her toes, then adds some sole to the mix and back to toes in the end.

5:43 minutes

Price: $6.00 USD

Mommie's bare feet dance to one of her favorite rock songs and at the very end of the clip she crushes small pieces of paper under her sexy toes and soles! Many shots of toes, arches and soles are included in this clip.

Everyone Loves Cake

4:59 minutes

Price: $5.00 USD

This video matches up with the previous picture update featuring Mommie putting the smack-down on a sorry little piece of cake. To those who love to watch food crush ... this is a very delicious update you will not want to miss out on!

Hosed Flip Flops

4:49 minutes

Price: $5.00 USD

Once Mommie updated the site with her flip flops and hosed feet pictures the requester immediately emailed a request for a clip to be shot as well. Mommie did this clip on the back porch with an audience of about a million ants, but don't fear ... none were harmed in the making of this sweet clip!

Relaxing Red

3:52 minutes

Price: $4.00 USD

Hanging out in the hot Florida sunshine, Mommie showed a bit of her sexy red toenails and silver flip flops. You even catch a glimpse or two of her pups, Lily and Zero. This clip shows plenty of toes, sole and wrinkles. Beware if any of these places are your personal favorite because Mommie is sure to hit you where it hurts. All while she relaxes!

Pinky Toe Play

6:46 minutes

Price: $7.00 USD

Mommie lies down on her stomach and watches a movie with her legs crossed at the ankle in this specially requested clip. With her feet crossed over one another she gentle played with her pinky toe, which was the more helpless of her toes. Watch as she plays from foot to foot, toe to nearly mesmerizing her with her soft arches and a little bit of toe curling.

All Toes!

3:17 minutes

Price: $4.00 USD

To follow up the previous clip

Sandy Feet

2:50 minutes

Price: $3.00 USD

Out in the driveway yesterday, while taking out her mutts, Mommie put the camera at ground level, stepped in front and took a small walk around showing off tons of sandy angles of her bare feet. Her toes are unpolished and lightly dusted with sand. She even throws in a quick hop or two here and there. Enjoy!

Street Walking

4:21 minutes

Price: $5.00 USD

This clip is for those who enjoy candidly watching a woman walk bare footed on filthy roadways. Each of her feet slowly rise up and step forward. Mommie even stops occasionally to show the bottoms of her feet and the grungy toe wiggling she can do! Witness the flick of a sunflower seed even!

Shaving My Stems

9:17 minutes

Price: $10.00 USD

Mommie put on some undies and tank top, ran a bath and sat in front of the camera to shave her stems! Watch as she smoothes on shaving cream, stretches her legs to get every single spot and even poses her soles at you a few times here and there. Enjoy!

Stomping Sneakers

3:40 minutes

Price: $4.00 USD

Do you have a fetish for sneakers and foot tapping? If so, this update is for you. Not once does Mommie's peds come out of these sneakers. It is just a whole lot of toe tapping, stomping and scuffing. Enjoy!

White Socks!

2:41 minutes

Price: $3.00 USD

Short and white no-show socks are some of Mommie's favorites to wear and bum around in. Here you see her tease you with her legendary toe wiggling inside these cotton entrapments!

Cracking, Bending, Stretching

6:18 minutes

Price: $7.00 USD

Mommie has one tight toe point! Watch as she flexes her toes, points them and even makes sure each and every knuckle is popped and cracked. Enjoy!

Menage à Trois (Guests Diamonds & Dee)

1:19 minutes

Price: $2.00 USD

This clip was taken the morning that Mommie drove home from her vacation in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. She had gone up to meet with four other foot pals and had had a wonderful weekend. Mommie, Diamonds and Arch Attitude all sat on the back tailgate of Mommie's truck and dangled their tootsies for you all! For those who love blue toenails - this is definitely the clip for you!! Enjoy!

North Myrtle Beach Short Clip

1:00 minute

Price: $1.00 USD

This clip is exactly one minute but never fear, no matter how long or short they are sure to please the viewer. Please enjoy the bright morning light on my soles as I prance around to show off all angles of my sexy little feet. Another appearance is made by my favorite slippers. Enjoy!

Lilac Nails - Part II

4:17 minutes

Price: $5.00 USD

Sitting in front of you now, aiming my feet straight for your mouth, I taunt you with more of my sweet toes in lilac purple! Just a little sand on the soles still adorns my soft skin.

Lilac Nails - Part I

3:43 minutes

Price: $4.00 USD

We start out with my feet clean, in a pair of tropical printed, purple and white flip flops. I flip and tease and slide them off. Watch as my toes and soles pick up a little sand and grit from the porch. Want to help me clean that off? Come closer...

Side Curls

4:39 minutes

Price: $5.00 USD

I show off my toe pointing, curling and flexing from the side view. The camera is even picked up and moved around to get you a few different angles and views. Enjoy!

Toe Curling Tease

3:03 minutes

Price: $3.00 USD

Here you see me teasing with more of my tight toe curling, flexing and pointing! Listen as I tease and taunt you with a few naughty suggestions!

New Soda Flips

4:33 minutes

Price: $5.00 USD

These kick ass Soda flip flops were recently shown off here on Mommies Feet in the Picture updates and now you can enjoy seeing me model them and hear me tell the sender how comfy they are and how much I love them!!

Dangle It, Just a Little Bit

4:15 minutes

Price: $5.00 USD

This update brings dangling into the picture! That's right, over 4 minutes of me in nude hose, dangling my favorite black Colin Stuart heels. The shoes get dangled, played with, removed and put back on. You can even see how filthy and sweaty my hose are! This may be another one of those perfect teases that will leave you wanting more. Enjoy!

Life's a Beach

1:30 minutes

Price: $2.00 USD

Today's clip is a short one person point-of-view of my peds on the beach. Posing and showing off my kick ass nail polish!

Nude Thigh Highs

4:28 minutes

Price: $5.00 USD

My latest pair of hose were worn, stripped and mailed just before I left for m vacation. Here is yet another killer removal clip! Enjoy!!


3:35 minutes

Price: $4.00 USD

Food crushing has been a feature of many of the clips here on Mommies Feet so to add to that collection I crushed up two moist Twinkies! I play with the yummy cream inside with my toes and even show how it gets all in my soles. Taunting and teasing the viewer the entire way. Enjoy!

Red Wigglers and Wrinkles

7:20 minutes

Price: $8.00 USD

Oh, here we get a from-the-top point of view of me wiggling my toes, spreading them out and flexing my soles. I do toe points in a side view and plenty of stretching for your viewing p-l-e-a-s-u-r-e!

On Their Way to a Place Down Under

3:23 minutes

Price: $4.00 USD

Nude thigh highs being mailed out to Australia! By the end you may be feeling something down under! Enjoy!!

Surprise Inside

6:09 minutes

Price: $6.00 USD

This pair of sold socks with the

10 Day Rainbow Socks

3:35 minutes

Price: $4.00 USD

This one is for those who love smelly, well worn rainbow printed ankle socks. Watch as I tease and strip them off to expose my precious peds!

10 Days of Stink

5:39 minutes

Price: $6.00 USD

10 day well worn stinky socks are removed!

Black Thigh High Removal

3:32 minutes

Price: $4.00 USD

Nice and easy title brings you a not so nice and easy removal of black thigh highs. This pair is one of many that have been worn and mailed!

Pretty Pink Soles

2:34 minutes

Price: $3.00 USD

I thought you all would enjoy seeing my soft pink soles flexing in the warm sunlight outside! To get warm on this chilly Saturday just play this clip!

White Platforms

6:21 minutes

Price: $7.00 USD

I model these bad ass shoes back and forth, slowly and even jogging in place. If you have a shoe fetish, even in the slightest you could suffer a palpitation or two watching this clip.

Driving You Crazy

2:57 minutes

Price: $3.00 USD

Rolling around on the floor can be extremely fun but try adding a little bit of music and sexy bare feet! You get to see Mommie flex her toes, crack her knuckles, and spread her soles for you! Please enjoy!

Soft, Pink, Stink

6:09 minutes

Price: $6.00 USD

Here are those legendary pink ankle socks. Mommie sits and strips them off so she can get them ready for mailing. They have been worn for nearly a month, off and on. She wore them in her house slippers and in her ADIDAS sneakers. They were moist and warm as she slowly teases you with the removal.

Taking Them Off …

2:04 minutes

Price: $2.00 USD

Filmed by the late John Lockman in 2007, here you will see Mommie sexily slip off her black platforms to reveal her alluring soles! Watch as the most recent pictures update – comes alive!

Sexy Thigh Highs

5:50 minutes

Price: $6.00 USD

Five days of wear and tear equally one very seductively scented pair of thigh highs! Enjoy watching as Mommie strips them off in full view! Count on a lot of toe wiggling, spreading, flexing and modeling.

Dirty Pink Socks

2:43 minutes

Price: $3.00 USD

Mommie strips off her filthy pink ankle socks to reveal her yummy soles and toes.

Bending & Cracking

3:56 minutes

Price: $4.00 USD

As stated in the title, this clip features Mommie’s bare feet bending and stretching with her toes cracking during the first part of the clip. Still in her holiday green tips, watch as she wiggles her way deeper into your heart!

Impatient Hands

3:37 minutes

Price: $4.00 USD

Upon recent request Mommie made a fingernail fetish clip. You may see many more of these in various setups and polishes. This clip is roughly 3 minutes of nail tapping on my desk. Fast and slow, hard and soft. Enjoy!

Warm & Syrupy

10:58 minutes

Price: $11.00 USD

Here is the latest feet and food combination Mommie played with. Warm maple syrup! She heated it up just right and then went to pouring all over her sexy toes and soles, tempting you to want a lick so bad.

Sweet Sunlight

2:20 minutes

Price: $3.00 USD

This is the second of two clips posted today, filmed by the late John Lockman. More sexy bare feet are displayed as Mommie teases with dirty peds out in a public park. More great tunes included!

In The Park

4:01 minutes

Price: $4.00 USD

This video clip was shot entirely by John Lockman of Fetish Art Photography. John recently passed away and to honor him Mommie will be editing the many various short clips she and John made while out on their photo shoots. This is the first of two videos uploaded today. Enjoy a little music, some fun in a park and some very up close rough feet.

Fresh Wet Wrinkles

10:28 minutes

Price: $11.00 USD

This clip was requested some time back and Mommie had a great time soaking her feet for it. They needed it so badly and afterwards her soles came out soft, smooth and 100% delicious! Take a look for yourself! Three different positions are used to show off her wrinkly soles and even her wrinkly little digits!

Blue Paris Wedges

2:57 minutes

Price: $3.00 USD

A short shoe modeling clip to show off these killer new Paris Hilton wedges – the most recent pictures were done with nylons on but those have been removed for this clip upon request. Enjoy!

Fun in the Sun (After Shoot Candid)

1:55 minutes

Price: $2.00 USD

You guys have been enjoying pictures taken in a local downtown park in the town Mommie lives in here in Florida. Now you can see a little glimpse of her walking bare foot on a brick road with her shoes in hand and cars passing by. All set to one of Mommie’s personal favorite tunes!


5:08 minutes

Price: $5.00 USD

Mommie is a huge fan of Quentin Tarantino and wanted to show her admiration with a “copycat” clip. With two bare and dirty feet on the dashboard Mommie takes the “long way home” and makes you wish she was passenger every drive you take.

The Lounge Chair

10:32 minutes

Price: $11.00 USD

Did you ever go to a pool party and a chick was sitting on a lounge chair bare foot playing with the plastic straps of the chair with her toes? In this clip you get the candid feel of peering over Mommie’s shoulder to catch her in the act while reading. Underside shots of her toes and soles through the chair are included.

Sock Lint

7:40 minutes

Price: $7.00 USD

After letting these socks “stew” for 8 days Mommie strips them off and teases! Did you ever imagine that sock lint could be sexy? Well, be prepared to think so after this clip!

Blue Balls

4:53 minutes

Price: $5.00 USD

Yup, you read that correct ... BLUE BALLS! Mommie has on a beautiful baby blue polish for this clip as well and shows you how well she can twist and taunt a pair of blue balls. Could these be yours?

A Mix of Things

3:01 minutes

Price: $3.00 USD

Start off with a close flyby of Mommie's inner soles and move to the straight on view of TOES! Finish it up with a

Mommie's Mud Pies

4:02 minutes

Price: $4.00 USD

Mommie turns on the hose and goes for making mud pies ... for those of you who like the muddy clips - let's get messy!! Toes, soles and muddy close ups included as well as sound.

Painting Nails 101

17:44 minutes

Price: $18.00 USD

For this special update today Mommie completed an instructional clip for a special site member she gets the pleasure of speaking with every day! He asked that she show how she painted her toe nails – so Mommie goes from naked toes to OPI’s Mrs. O’Leary’s BBQ aka Burgundy.

Socks - Points - Sand

4:24 minutes

Price: $5.00 USD

This clip has a little of everything. It was shot outside with the sounds of morning birds in the background, the warm sunshine and Mommie doing her thing!

Mellow Yellow

8:18 minutes

Price: $8.00 USD

Get comfy with Mommie in an early morning clip in her jammies! Yellow toe nail polish accents her toes but also matches her undies!! Lots of toe pointing and legs included!

Mommie’s Toeless Pantyhose

6:17 minutes

Price: $7.00 USD

Mommie shows off and teases with her toeless pantyhose. What dirty little thoughts will these inspire?

The Cars Go ... CRUNCH!

5:55 minutes

Price: $6.00 USD

Upon special request from a fellow clips4sale store owner who specializes in this sort of crush, Mommie took 4 small plastic toy cars and crushed them to smithereens! Watch as her ankles wobble and her legs powerfully destroy each car under her wedge platform sandals. You also get a light taste of Mommie’s GTS side as well in parts of the clip.

Put The Lime …

3:06 minutes

Price: $3.00 USD

Mommie takes to several limes like they needed a good lesson. She squeezes them and makes play with her toes at first to later finish the clip with a nice juicy ending. Though the squishing sounds would have been kick ass, Mommie had other plans for this clip when she made it. Come listen to the good tunes and the hot feet- on- fruit action. Mommie’s hands are included in this clip, rubbing her own feet, for those of you who have asked to see more of her hands.

Kiwi Crushing

4:01 minutes

Price: $4.00 USD

There is nothing better than cool, squishy kiwi fruit under your soles and in between your soles. Wouldn’t you just love to eat this from Mommie’s feet after this clip was made?

Making a Hard Point

10:25 minutes

Price: $11.00 USD

Upon special request Mommie now has the perfect toe pointing clip. From the frontal view while watching her at her desk, you will see Mommie flex and bend her sexy feet, giving you some of the sexiest and hardest toe points she has done in a while now.

Caged Dick Taunt

2:35 minutes

Price: $3.00 USD

A dear friend asked that Mommie make him a taunting clip that involved showing him her feet, talking about them and how he couldn’t have them! Mommie gets a little dirty in this clip even!

Dressing Room Spy II

5:11 minutes

Price: $5.00 USD

For those who like the rush of secretly spying on a woman, be a peeping Tom as Mommie tries on various pieces of clothing at a local department store. Plenty of toes scrunching to balance, legs and even a short butt shot!

Seeing Red

6:35 minutes

Price: $7.00 USD

This pedal pumping features Mommie at the pedals again, this time with bright red Old Navy flip flops to match her red paint job! Jamming out to her CDs in her truck she took a little drive letting you spy her peds.

Driving With Mommie

15:24 minutes

Price: $16.00 USD

This is a simple pedal pumping clip featuring Mommie in her black pointed toed Guess pumps. She stomps the gas to rev the engine in the beginning and even captures a shot of the RPMs. Just think, fifteen minutes driving around with Mommie! **road rage included**

Dangle It: 3 Inches High

6:08 minutes

Price: $6.00 USD

Mommie walks in, sits down and proceeds to play with her 3 inch high platform sandals. She dangles the shoes from both feet, plays with them on the ground and even reaches down for a rub or two. Due to filming this clip outside in the rain, music was added instead.

Trampling with Tongue

12:49 minutes

Price: $13.00 USD

First there is trampling and then comes foot worship. You will see unscripted and simple trampling, foot licking, sucking and adoring. I even get sweet kisses at the end.

Hard and Sticky Press

5:35 minutes

Price: $6.00 USD

Naked toes in my kitchen showing you all angles of my feet and even a few tricks I can do including standing on my bent toes and walking. The knuckles crack and the floor sticks and you won't want to miss the rest of the clip.

Windshield Watcher

12:43 minutes

Price: $13.00 USD

Enjoy this bird's eye view through a windshield. If you love that naughty feeling of watching when she doesn't know you are, this clip is for you!

20 Before Bed

18:16 minutes

Price: $19.00 USD

First we lotion, then we flex. This is the bedtime ritual for me. So come and watch her last twenty minutes before bed.

Rolling Naked on the Floor

9:10 minutes

Price: $10.00 USD

Watch as I roll around with no polish on!! Near ten minutes of taunting and teasing with yummy soles and naked toes.

Quick Bath

3:20 minutes

Price: $4.00 USD

After playing with an icy treat, I used the counter sink to quickly bathe my feet. With lots of chatting I get squeaky clean!

Holy Grapes!

5:32 minutes

Price: $6.00 USD

Grapes don't stand a chance under my beautiful feet! Not only does she crush them, I also feed them to my toe lover and then to myself! There is a lot of squishing and slipping sounds in this clip, even a slurp or two!

Milk Bath

7:19 minutes

Price: $8.00 USD

This milk was freezing cold against my skin so you get a shout and curse out of me in the beginning! For those who are lactose intolerant, DO NOT lick the screen!

Pink on White

3:34 minutes

Price: $4.00 USD

My toes are painted hot pink and modeling bright white wedges. I made sure there was plenty of scuffing sounds on the blacktop as well as the most perfect display of symmetrical toes peeping out of the front of these shoes.

Pink on Pink

3:47 minutes

Price: $4.00 USD

Do you like the Soda brand in shoes? Here I model a pair of high-rise flip flops made by Soda. The shoes are accompanied by a hot pink paint job!

Rubbing It In

6:54 minutes

Price: $7.00 USD

I tease and taunt you with a bottle of baby oil. I start with my toes and switches it up to my soles. There are a lot of extremely close up shots of all angles of my feet in this clip!

Wiggles (with Pink)

5:36 minutes

Price: $6.00 USD

Toe pointing, foot flexing, toe wiggling and sole spreading -enough to make a grown man drop to his knees. Are you man enough to watch?

Strawberry Surprise

5:36 minutes

Price: $6.00 USD

I enjoy a cool snack from the fridge, off my toes. The mixture is made of strawberry pieces, cool whip, Jello and some other mystery good stuff.

Foot Lick II (2006 pre-foot tattoos)

1:23 minutes

Price: $2.00 USD

In this seductive and eye contact filled clip of self foot worship, I will show you how to softly caress my toes with your tongue and even apply a little spit to the job.

Rev Your Engine

1:56 minutes

Price: $2.00 USD

Here I am in Midnight Blue polish, scrunching my toes and pushing the pedal like my life depended on it.

Peanut Butter and Jelly

6:41 minutes

Price: $7.00 USD

I crush two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with my clear jelly flats on. The peanut butter smelled so good and the jelly managed to get in between every toe! Can you think of any lunch that is complete without a glass of milk?

The Royal Treatment

2:34 minutes

Price: $3.00 USD

Watch as I get some cool strawberry scented lotion rubbed all over my feet in this clip. There are plenty of squishing noises and giggles. I even get tickled a bit in the process!

Snack Cake Crush

4:25 minutes

Price: $5.00 USD

I took a little over 4 minutes to crush and squish a brownie and two marshmallow puffed snack cakes into a perfect ball ... I even play with it while talking to you a bit - hope you like it SWEET!

Naked Toe Play

2:03 minutes

Price: $2.00 USD

Come close to the screen if you love to see sexy hands rubbing over suck-able toes. I caress my soles to tease you!

Walking and Prancing With Sole

1:10 minutes

Price: $1.00 USD

A short clip featuring the same toenail polish from the very first site update. Taken that same day. Plenty of teasing!

Balloon Stomping

4:21 minutes

Price: $5.00 USD

Listen for the sound of her bare feet rubbing and popping as I giggle my way through 20 full sized rubber balloons. Red toenails and jeans make this clip complete!

A.D.I.D.A.S Hose

3:42 minutes

Price: $4.00 USD

These nylons were worn for a total of eleven days. I managed to even stink up my Adidas sneakers to make them just right. The toes smelled perfect and sweet.

Hard Pressed

13:48 minutes

Price: $14.00 USD

There are five words to describe this clip ... Clamp, Scrunch, Twist, Twirl and Wiggle.



Price: $5.00 USD

This clip accompanies a picture update from May of 2008 ... I peel these bananas with my toes!


16:39 minutes

Price: $17.00 USD

While outside on my porch, reading a magazine, my husband sneaks up to pester my feet with little pieces of tape in my shoe! Watch me wiggle, shake and VIBRATE my feet to get the tape out. You are sure to snicker at least once!

Do You Lilac It?

6:21 minutes

Price: $7.00 USD

Here you get some incredibly clear views of my sole scrunching, toe flexing and arch stretching, all with a light shade of purple on my toenails.

Oh, Pea-nuts!

17:02 minutes

Price: $17.00 USD

I crush roughly 5 pounds of raw shelled peanuts. I start in my black diamond heels and finishes them off with my white Caparros heels. Watch me pulverize these peanuts to bits under my feet, shaking and wiggling my feet every time a sneaky little peanut works its way into one of my shoes!

14 Day Old Sox

3:28 minutes

Price: $4.00 USD

Dirty, 14 day old worn socks being stripped off in the parking lot of the post office.

Toes and Soles Dancing

4:28 minutes

Price: $5.00 USD

Showing off my flexible arches, soles and toes, I prance around on my desk!

Whole Lot of Chit-Chatter with Feet

3:54 minutes

Price: $4.00 USD

So many have requested I speak during clips and this is one of a few I have done recently. Showing off her feet from several angles at the

Toe Poppin' and Soles

3:57 minutes

Price: $4.00 USD

Here the camera was set on the floor to get you a ground zero style view of my feet as I do knuckle cracking. Listen close for the pops!

Dance With Me

3:13 minutes

Price: $3.00 USD

I show a lot of sole in this clip by showing how slowly I can move and flex. Your heart will flutter while watching this clip!

Scrunch Em' Girl

10:12 minutes

Price: $10.00 USD

Lying back on a couch, kicked back and relaxed - I put my feet up on the arm of the couch and started scrunching!

Mommie's Bathwater

4:10 minutes

Price: $4.00 USD

Black nylons get played with, teased with and removed in a bubble bath. You'll want to drink my bath water.

The Bench

5:25 minutes

Price: $6.00 USD

After a nice walk in the park I sat on a bench for a picture session. This clip is shot at ground level behind my flip flops.

Inching To You

1:37 minutes

Price: $2.00 USD

I scrunch my hot pink toes at the you, the viewer. Teasing and taunting you with the flexibility in my feet!

Dressing Room Spy I

3:56 minutes

Price: $4.00 USD

Watch as I try on several things in a dressing room, allowing you to spy on her! Just watch how she uses her flip flops to balance and get a grip.

Uh-Oh, It's Magic

3:38 minutes

Price: $4.00 USD

Bare and naked toes wiggling in the bright Florida sunlight. You will humming for weeks after watching this clip!

Platform Biker Heels

1:35 minutes

Price: $2.00 USD

Kick ass tunes, killer legs and a pair of 7 inch platform biker heels made my Pleaser!

Red Diamonds

7:28 minutes

Price: $8.00 USD

I model these gorgeous red diamond heels, showing you all angles of my feet. Great toe close-ups and many pant tightening moments.

Teasing In White Flip-Flops

1:08 minutes

Price: $1.00 USD

A little clip of french tip painted toes wiggling and teasing in a pair of bright white flip flops.

Toes In Bed: French Tips

3:21 minutes

Price: $4.00 USD

Get comfy and close with me in bed in this clip. My sexy French tips are sure to leave you wanting more!

French Kissed Toes

5:44 minutes

Price: $6.00 USD

Starting out the day at work with a few extra minutes to spare, I show off my French pedicure!

She's Got Legs and Feet

1:00 minute

Price: $1.00 USD

Start out with a delicious view from above of my legs, thighs and feet. Clean to dirty feet!

Up Close and Personal

1:40 minutes

Price: $2.00 USD

I get my yummy naked toes so close, you are going to swear you can smell them! Toes and soles included.

Playing With My Webcam: Part I

3:55 minutes

Price: $4.00 USD

You won't be able to sit still during this webcam clip! I chat it up, tease and taunt you with my sexy feet. Pay close attention boys!

Little Cherry Toes

1:00 minute

Price: $1.00 USD

Perfectly pedicured red toenails and my feet, once again, up in my truck window. Enjoy!

Bare Feet Out Car Window

34 seconds

Price: $1.00 USD

While riding shotgun on the highway, I hang my feet out of the window! I wonder what the other driver's were thinking as we passed by.

Barefootin' at the Gas Station

1:23 minutes

Price: $2.00 USD

Purple toenails and black flip flops... here I dance and prance, flexing toes and soles at you at the gas station. Enjoy!

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